Lollapalooza Loses Loyal Following

Every summer, Chicagoans and Suburban youths travel to Grant Park for Lollapalooza. In past years, tickets for all-day passes and for single day passes have sold out in hours. This year it took one week for four-day passes to sell out, with some single day passes still available, two months after their release.   There’s […]

A Lesson From Met Gala Fashion

In early May, one of the biggest celebrity fashion events of the year, the MET Gala, took place. Every year, celebrities of all kinds make the pilgrimage to New York City to walk down the Red Carpet set up by the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, to launch the new annual exhibit theme.   […]

Wisdom.Applied Wednesday: Personal Rebranding

One Direction: five teenage, European heartthrobs who touch girls’ hearts, playlists, and wall space for more than five years now. From “What Makes You Beautiful” to “Story of My Life,” the famous quintet seemingly perfected their music and group aesthetic. But such a feeling of perfection was not unanimous. In March 2015, Zayn Malik announced […]

Trending Tuesday: Disney Rebrands into Live-Action

“Some Disney purists may be asking why, considering so many of these films were great to begin with” Drew Mackie prompts, referring to Disney’s recent revival as a live-action enterprise. “The answer is simple… these are films people are willing to shell out to watch” (People). Over the past few years, Disney has started to […]

Wisdom.Applied Wednesday: Brands to the Future

SPOILER ALERT! Because there are apparently people among us who have not seen the Back to the Future Trilogy.  Since you’re Interneting right now, you must be aware that today is Back to the Future II Day. Yes, today is the day the Doc Brown, Marty McFly and his girlfriend Jennifer Parker travel to from […]

Throwback Thursday: Back to the Cuba

Great Scott! Any Back to the Future fan is excited to be living in our modern time. Although we don’t have any (real) hover boards, legitimate power laced Nikes or self-drying clothes, we do have a Cubs team that is vying to make a run for the World Series (can you say Kris Bryant and Jake Arrieta?) […]

Two For Tuesday: When Awards Go Viral

The Emmys take place this upcoming Sunday, September 20th. For this week’s Two for Tuesday, we take a look at how other awards shows have proven to be great opportunities for brands looking to make a mark on pop culture.   Marketing and advertising departments spend a lot of time and money creating new campaigns and […]

#ForceFriday: The Star Wars Toys Awaken

It’s been almost three years since Disney acquired Lucasfilm and, most importantly, the Star Wars franchise, from George Lucas, and since then the sci-fi staple has only been getting stronger. As Obi-Wan Kenobi once said, “If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could ever imagine.”   And while the franchise’s […]

Throwback Thursday: Summer Days, Great Campaigns

Ask anybody about the leisurely pace the world seems to take come summertime and they’ll sing the slowdown’s praises until the weather gets cold again. As long as they aren’t a company looking at sales, which inevitably encounter a similar crawl once the warm days hit. In order to succeed in this lethargic season, it […]

Trending News Monday: The Invisible Truck

With its official start this past Sunday, Summer continues to roll along, and with the warm vacation months come plenty of families packing up their cars and trucks and hitting the open highway, hopefully with a good playlist. And now those road trips are looking like a safer venture, thanks to a new initiative by Samsung, announced […]

Throwback Thursday: Time Traveling with Mad Men

It’s been one month since the hit TV series Mad Men aired its last episode, but its effect on the TV and advertising landscapes will resonate for a long time. In honor of the hole that its absence left in viewers’ hearts, today we take the show’s iconic characters through a time warp out of the ’60s, […]

Funny Friday: Brace Yourselves, Music is Coming

For this week’s Funny Friday, we take a look at the musical exploits of two pop culture icons, as the TV series Game of Thrones joins forces with the band Coldplay to produce one of the funniest videos online, all for a good cause.   WARNING: SPOILERS IN THE VIDEOS!!!   Have you ever thought of […]