Will Pop-Up Shops Overtake Traditional Retailing?

In the past few years, pop-up stores, also known as flash retail, has become exceedingly popular. However, temporary retailing is not new. Ideas like summer Farmer’s markets, autumnal Halloween stores, and Chicago’s own wintertime Christkindlmarket have existed for a while. Temporarily retailing can be traced back as early as the year 1298 in Vienna when […]

Misconceptions about Millennials: Who Are They and Why Are They ‘Ruining Everything’?

If you keep up with Twitter, you may have seen some memes of article titles, written presumably by Baby Boomers, about various industries that Millennials are being accused of being responsible for destroying. In the opinions of many, Millennials are the sole cause of the decline in spending on and patronage of oil, diamonds, homes, […]

Trending Tuesday: Mouthwatering Ads

What’s better than enjoying your favorite mouthwatering foods and beverages? Enjoying them with loved ones, of course! Just for fun, take a look at a few favorite, family-focused food and drink advertisements. Each has great creative directions, for the consumer is fully engaged in the visuals and story long before the brand is even revealed. […]

Funny Friday: National Ice Cream Month

National Ice Cream Month: the perfect excuse to grab that chocolate dipped cone on a hot summer day. But while July might entice some to seek out the nearest DQ, others can get a guilt free ice cream fix by watching a few well-done ice cream advertisements! The classic story of distress to success is […]

Two For Tuesday: Oktoberfest with a Latin American Flair

As October enters the home stretch and Halloween pulls into view, we here at The San Jose Group hope that you’ve had the opportunity to drink plenty of beer in honor of that other beloved October tradition – the German beer celebration known as Oktoberfest, which originated in Munich. Throughout the month, bars, breweries, cities […]

#ForceFriday: The Star Wars Toys Awaken

It’s been almost three years since Disney acquired Lucasfilm and, most importantly, the Star Wars franchise, from George Lucas, and since then the sci-fi staple has only been getting stronger. As Obi-Wan Kenobi once said, “If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could ever imagine.”   And while the franchise’s […]

Throwback Thursday: Time Traveling with Mad Men

It’s been one month since the hit TV series Mad Men aired its last episode, but its effect on the TV and advertising landscapes will resonate for a long time. In honor of the hole that its absence left in viewers’ hearts, today we take the show’s iconic characters through a time warp out of the ’60s, […]

Funny Friday: Brace Yourselves, Music is Coming

For this week’s Funny Friday, we take a look at the musical exploits of two pop culture icons, as the TV series Game of Thrones joins forces with the band Coldplay to produce one of the funniest videos online, all for a good cause.   WARNING: SPOILERS IN THE VIDEOS!!!   Have you ever thought of […]

Funny Friday: Tales of Pethood

With National Pet Month already in full swing, this Funny Friday let’s look at some of the clever ways advertisers are targeting pet lovers. National Pet Month is a celebration of all the amazing benefits pets bring to people’s lives and vice versa. For anyone who doesn’t already have a furry friend, the Las Vegas […]

Funny Friday: THE DRESS

“Black not yellow, black not yellow, black not yellow, black not yellow.”   Who knew that one post about the color of a dress on Tumblr would break the Internet? But alas, that’s exactly what happened. By now, you’ve probably noticed #TheDress making its way across the Internet… The dress you saw may have appeared […]

Year in Review: Viral Videos of 2014

It’s hard to believe it’s been ten years since the very first viral video sensation took the Internet by storm. In December of 2004, Gary Brolsma posted a video of himself lip-synching and dancing to a Romanian pop song “Dragostea Din Tei” just for fun (aka “Numa Numa”), and the trend of sharing videos was […]

Funny Friday: Brands Attempt to Break the Internet

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you’ve probably heard about Kim Kardashian’s recent nude photo shoot for Paper magazine. The publication, which features the reality TV starlet in its winter issue, presents Kim K provocatively slicked with oil, showcasing her famous curvaceous figure with the headline “Break the Internet”–clearly aimed at provoking an […]