Celebrity Investments Gone Bad: The 5 Biggest Losers

Our Space Bono2. Bono: The world’s premiere stunner, shade-wearing philanthropist and rock star was seemingly experiencing “Vertigo” when he bought a 25 percent stake in Palm in 2007 (to clear any possible confusion, yes, we do mean the Palm pilot).

 Assessing the Damage: $460 Million — In a market that already had the iPhone and Android, Bono’s investment into mobile technology still went to Palm. Prior to his investment, the company was already at a disadvantage in capabilities and popularity. It soon nosedived in the market, selling at $18 in September of 2009 before plummeting to $3.65 a share. With a total of $460 million invested in Palm, turns out not all of Bono’s days have been “Beautiful,” after all.

Cover Photo Source: Joella Marano via Wikimedia Commons
Photo Source 1: Matthias Muehlbradt via Flickr

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