Abbott Nutrition employed SJ Public Relations to communicate a Similac product recall and reestablish consumer confidence.

Following a possible beetle contamination, Abbott Nutrition recalled its Similac baby formula brand. Hispanic babies account for over a quarter of Similac’s users, so Abbott Nutrition enlisted SJ Public Relations to position Abbott with proactive and responsive communication and disseminate news to the Hispanic media outlets. SJPR helped Abbott develop multicultural messages and media materials to reach Spanish-speaking Similac users in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Guam and the Caribbean. Additionally, SJPR created grassroots programs to reestablish consumer confidence, including scheduled Abbott customer service representative appearances at supermarkets with the highest product distribution who answered questions and reassured consumers that Similac is a trusted brand; the program representative also distributed free coupons and consumer takeaways, product offerings and safety tips. SJPR’s campaign helped Abbott Nutrition reestablish its brand among Hispanic consumers.