Very low Multicultural attendance and participation at White Sox games …though the stadium’s neighborhood is defined as Multicultural.

SJPR was called in to strengthen the White Sox brand, recruit potential fans, and help create an enjoyable and memorable moment to be shared with friends and family …a personal introduction to attending the baseball park.

We initiated a pilot program that would start out in the Hispanic community and potentially roll out throughout all Chicagoland’s diverse neighborhoods.


Leverage the universal language of music and baseball with the rhythmic sounds of both. We composed a Latin beat music track to serve as the platform and memorialize our story by matching the rhythm of Latin music to the sounds of a baseball game.

From the crack of the bat, the sizzle of the hot dogs, to a player sliding into home and the roar of the crowd. This ensures fans will have an unforgettable experience.

The campaign titled “Ritmo,” the rhythm of baseball has a great beat

  • Our radio spots elevated the Latin beat to tell a story about the experience
  • Print advertisements show the instruments, melodies and songs of the ballpark
  • The online banner ads literally show a baseball moving to the beat

All elements of the campaign feature the new Spanish-language tagline

“Chicago White Sox, Enjoy our Rhythm”


SJPR accomplished increased ballpark attendance by actively engaging the Latino community throughout the year, including, six in-stadium events tailored specifically for Latino fans around key times like,

  • Dia del Niño
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Mexican independence Celebration

These events featured live music performances and DJs outside the stadium prior to the game. Latin music played for fans to enjoy between innings, in order to spice up their game day experience, as well as see the new Spanish television execution on the electronic scoreboard.