SJPR promotes the Corazón community outreach program through concise, consistent messaging targeted toward Chicago’s near-west suburban families.


There is a lack of community based organizations supporting youth development in the local urban and underserved neighborhoods Chicagoland.

Corazón, a local community group whos main purpose is to develop and foster our youth sought out the services of SJPR to create awareness of its afterschool program. The Chicago based community outreach program focused on providing a safe and empowering environment to local youth, in the Cicero neighborhood.


After a compelling case presentation showcasing the excellent work they were doing for our community youngsters, SJPR elected to work with Corazón’s Executive Director on a pro-bono basis. We developed their first business plan and created a strategic social and digital campaign to increase Corazon’s awareness among the local market donor base and to promote Corazon’s health, educational, and community outreach programs.


Corazón’s community based programs were promoted and covered by the Multicultural media including the Univision station who featured it on their news segment as an example of a great commitment to supporting and fostering the growth of our future leaders and positively influencing the economic development of our communities.

Additionally, donations increased by twenty-two percent from the previous year and a host of new programs were implemented to better serve our youth.