SJ Public Relations helped Hanes develop a national marketing campaign to drive trial and purchase of its hosiery product among Hispanic women.


After experiencing shrinking sales from the mass market, Hanes Hosiery began seeking revenue streams from new consumer segments. Since research had revealed that Hispanic women dramatically over-index on hosiery purchases, Hanes enlisted SJPR to pave the way for leadership in this completely underdeveloped category.

The Hispanic female purchases 10-20 pairs for every one pair purchased in the non-Hispanic market! The Latina hosiery shopper finds the process of selecting pantyhose confusing. She has not yet been educated on the value and difference of the many features and benefits with which she must contend, e.g. control top, opaque, sheer, sandal foot, reinforced toe, Lycra®, etc. Instead, she buys out of habit, not out of loyalty.


Given the greater incidence of Hispanic women purchasing hosiery, SJPR designed interactive promotional programs to drive traffic into Hanes primary distribution retailers. SJPR created a culturally relevant connection between Hanes and the consumer in an environment where no hosiery brands had ever taken the lead developing an entirely untapped category from the ground up.

Our campaign slogan celebrated the Hispanic female shopper’s strong self-identity and reinforced her selection of the Hanes brand above all others.

“Para La Mujer Que Sabe Lo Que Quiere”

(“For the Woman Who Knows What She Wants”.)

Our integrated approach included:

  • New Product Launch – Pantyhose with built-in moisturizer
  • Promotions – Secret shopper promo
  • National media relations effort – tips and trends pitches
  • Community Events – Philanthropic events to benefit women’s organizations.


SJPR intertwined with promotional elements resulted in a strong measurable campaign that yielded 17% sales increase in sales over 6 months.

Our efforts yielded:

Five television placements that were between 3-5 minutes in length.

In-store interviews with a Hanes spokesperson

Key fashion placement in national Hispanic magazines

  • 14% sales increase
  • 34 MM in gross impressions
  • $1,250K Media Value

Recognition from our peers with many industry awards from Chicago’s PRSA, MarCom and PR Week.