SJ Public Relations helped Hanes develop a national marketing campaign to drive trial and purchase of its hosiery product among Hispanic women.

While research indicated Hispanic women traditionally over-indexed on hosiery purchases, Hanes had yet to specifically target this consumer segment. Armed with this insight, Hanes tapped SJ Public Relations to engage this unique customer. SJPR executed a national integrated marketing campaign which drove traffic to Hanes’s primary distribution retailers. SJPR creatively titled this campaign ‘Para La Mujer Que Sabe Lo Que Quiere’ (For the Woman Who Knows What She Wants) to celebrate the Latina shopper’s strong self-identity and preference for the Hanes brand above all others. The successful campaign educated Hispanic consumers about the breadth and depth of Hanes products and engaged the community in unique and compelling ways. SJPR’s efforts resulted in a fourteen percent sales increase for the Hanes brand and generated 34 million media impressions through numerous print and broadcast placements yielding $850K in media value.