SJ Public Relations helped increase awareness of H&R Block’s service provided a total market communications solution.


Taxes are often viewed as a complex and overwhelming process, especially for Hispanics living in the U.S., who are not necessarily comfortable with the language, laws, and regulations.

H&R Block needed a compelling platform to educate Spanish-speaking consumers on the tax services and the trusted expertise that the company and its Spanish-speaking tax professionals offer year round.

SJPR was commissioned to serve as H&R Block’s partner to accomplish this mission through a targeted public relations program to engage the Hispanic segments throughout the U.S.


Proactive media relations were conducted for H&R Block to provide credible, third-party brand building. SJPR’s expertise indicated that speaking directly with a tax professional in their language of preference is a great comfort to many Hispanics. Additionally, we saw an opportunity in highlighting the fact that the company had a full Spanish-language website to help Hispanic consumers.

SJPR helped H&R Block breakthrough to the media outlets that often preferred to use the IRS and AP as sources, and establish H&R Block as an industry expert and valuable resource for the media and ultimately consumers. We identified and targeted Spanish-language media outlets with weekly creative pitching angles to generate coverage for tax season stories, tips, advice and tax code implications.

Additionally, we prepared and media trained H&R Block bilingual tax professionals for interviews, and provided high-level counsel on paid media recommendations, pay-for-play opportunities and community event participation.

SJPR worked with H&R Block to drive traffic to the educational event where Hispanics were informed about taxes and other services provided by local partners/organizations. On-site media relations were conducted and media coverage around the event was secured.


SJPR garnered 67 total media placements in the Hispanic market in over a 10-week period from television, print, radio, and online coverage.

  • Secured 4, 5 minute exclusive interviews with TV Networks -Univision, Telemundo & Telefutura
  • Achieved 22 media placements in the major Spanish newspapers across targeted cities