The Mexico Ministry of Tourism enlisted SJ Public Relations to promote the “Mis Raices” (“My Heritage”) program in order to drive more Mexican-Americans to plan vacations to Mexico City.


As part of a global outreach to reconnect with expatriates residing in the U.S., the Ministry of Tourism for Mexico City developed a program called Mis Raices “My roots”.

SJPR was tapped as the national agency to undertake this personal and exclusive campaign to bring back home the Mexican leaders living abroad.

The Public Relations program’s goals were to:

  • Increase annual travel of Mexican-Americans to Mexico City
  • Increase average length of overnight hotel stays in Mexico
  • Increase revenue generated by tourism to Mexico City


SJPR coordinated twelve meetings between the Ministry of Tourism and key leaders within the four targeted cities.

These meetings gave opportunity to strengthen relationships with these influential people and present the “Mis Raíces” program.

  • Identified and set up meetings with key partners and influencers in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Houston
  • Organized in-depth interviews and media outreach for the Deputy Director of the Tourism Ministry with local media outlets for each city through radio, TV, and online media sources.
  • Coordinated cocktail events and private dinners in each city for travel industry representatives, business leaders and media outlets


SJPR planned and managed program presentations in the form of a cocktail reception in each of the four cities.

Guests, which included travel agencies, business leaders, and media representatives, were able to learn more about the “Mis Raíces” program.

Across the four cities the number of VIP attendees reached 279.