SJ Public Relations helped Royal Prestige engage cooking enthusiasts within the Hispanic community through interactive and meaningful live shows.


Royal Prestige, a leading manufacturer of premium cookware in the U.S. and Latin America selected SJ Public Relations to develop a domestic promotional concept that would yield mass awareness and yield immediate sales for their distributor groups. The concept had to be easily adaptable to International markets and heavily supported with multi-faceted communication programs to facilitate the selling transaction.


SJPR developed interactive, engaging events that showcased the utility of Royal Prestige cookware by enlisting local celebrity chefs to demonstrate how to prepare healthy, traditional American and Latin American meals to multicultural audiences.

SJPR promoted the free cooking demonstrations through traditional and social media tactics, news alerts and activations. The agency also helped Royal Prestige maximize its reach by creating demonstration DVDs for event attendees and adding the shows to the agency YouTube channel for future viewing.


SJPR’s interactive and engaging campaign resulted in record direct sales accomplishments and millions of digital impressions that are still ringing true today.