Hispanic Christian Churches Association inspired people through the help of SJ Public Relation’s content development and creative multimedia PSA program.


The Harvest Christian Church Association’s (HCCA) mission is to reach audiences throughout the U.S. and Latin America with inspirational bilingual messages that motivates people to begin a relationship with God. As such, SJ Public Relations was enlisted by HCCA to reach the growing population segments in the Americas and encourage them to begin a relationship with God regardless of their denomination.

  • Expose the motivational HCCA PSAs to U.S. and Latin Americans by securing space in media outlets through out the top U.S. General and Hispanic markets and major Latin America Networks
  • Provide resources for Hispanic ministries in Latin America by increasing HCCA’s presence there
  • Raise awareness of HCCA’s mission beyond media through community outreach


SJPR developed a campaign of TV PSAs, radio, and print that were culturally relevant, high-quality in their creative execution and evergreen in their message in both English and Spanish media.

Taking the PSA program one step further, SJPR leveraged relationships with key media outlets and develop a TV and radio show hosted by HCCA’s president Pastor Erwin Carrera.

These broadcast programs guaranteed that HCCA’s messages were reaching our intended audiences on a weekly basis and allowed the organization’s president to interact directly with the community by taking live calls.

University organizations – by partnering with relevant organizations on campus, HCCA was able to expand the reach of its messages and fain further exposure for its PSAs. In return, the organizations were able to use the executions as resources and tools.

SJPR developed a program for HCCA to donate these much-needed school supplies to needy families. We also created a similar outreach program around Thanksgiving for HCCA to donate entire meals to families.


While it is difficult to quantify how many people where inspired and comforted at their time of need to reach out to God, or how many souls were saved because they followed the teachings of Christ, we have instituted a few measures that allows us to document our progress.

  • Last year alone, SJPR secured $84 MM in media value for HCCA’s PSA campaign. This translates into a campaign that would rank #9 on the list of Top U.S. Hispanic advertisers
  • As a result, HCCA’s messages reached 588 MM people nationally and internationally.
  • HCCA is able to connect with hundreds of Hispanic families each year through its back to school and Thanksgiving programs.
  • SJPR’s PSAs have been recognized by several national and international awards programs for their creativity and effectiveness.
  • HCCA campaign was a 2007 EFFIE Awards Finalist