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Fun Friday–2013: Top Films

The cinema struggled through five long years of oppression, but the box office has been liberated. That’s right, for the first year since 2008, the Twilight Saga isn’t one of the highest grossing films (of course, they didn’t release any this year). Apparently, American cinematic taste also hit a recession in 2008. You may all breathe a sigh of relief… until the day you turn on your TV and find that FX is having a Twilight movie marathon. In the wake of Twilight’s reign, other films, sequels and sagas have moved into the top ten, some even moving into the top ten of the highest grossing films of all time.

Movie sequel mania ruled the box office, yet again with six of the top ten films sequels, two based off familiar cinematic characters (Superman and The Wizard of Oz) and two were thrilling action movies. While we’re posting this list is B.C. (Before Christmas), likely Frozen or (doubtfully) Anchor Man 2 could over throw the tenth position, so just like your college syllabi, this list is subject  to change.

Let’s take a look at the highest grossing films of 2013.

1. Iron Man 3



As fifth highest grossing film of all time, worldwide, the year’s highest grossing film didn’t disappoint. SPOILER.  While we may not really know what will come of Tony Stark since he’s gotten the shrapnel removed from his heart, (some speculate that Ultron will get him back in the suit), we do know that Robert Downey Jr. is slated to appear in Marvel’s The Avengers second and third installments.


2. Despicable Me 2



Minions. Minions. Purple Minions. Kristin Wiig lends her voice in this family-friendly sequel. The animated film has the right blend of comedy, action and (er?) heartwarming stories to make it the second highest grossing film of the year.


3. The Hunger Game: Catching Fire



The sequel to 2012’s Hunger Games, Catching Fire takes the audience back to Panem . The fill is packed with action, supported with comedic relief and has hints or romance. Those who have read the book aren’t really left with a cliff hanger, those who haven’t must wait until 2014 to see what happens after Katniss left the arena.


4. Man of Steel



The story of Superman is nothing new. Man of Steel, the first in the series leading up to a Justice League film, does present a darker Metropolis than Superman audiences might be used to. The squeal is slated for 2015.


5. Monsters University



Ever wonder how Sulley and Mike met before they took to scaring as a profession. Where they learned all their excellent scare tactics? Pixar presents the whole story with the prequel to Monsters Inc. As one would expect, it’s hilarious and fun-for-all.


6. Gravity



To quote, Wilhelm Lawrence, “The movie was a complete roller coaster ride.” Gravity is jam-packed with gut-wrenching action from the start to the end. You’ll eventually catch your breath after you get out of your seat and walk around for a while.


7. Fast & Furious 6



After five Fast & Furious films, audiences can expect much of the same: cars, action, thugs and cars. The film stars the late Paul Walker. While he began working on the seventh installment, he passed away during filming.


8. Oz the Great and Powerful



Sometimes, a movie makes the list, and you have to scratch your head as to how this possibly happened. Such is the case for Oz the Great and Powerful. To be fair, the film did earn a higher rating on Rotten Tomatoes than Man of Steel (59% vs. 56%). The story follows Oscar, a circus magician, who is carried by a tornado to Oz. Unfortunately, his womanizing ways make for trouble in Oz.


9. Star Trek into Darkness



Captain Kirk, Spock, Space—what more is there to say? Here’s one: Trecky and non-Trecky approved.


10. World War Z



When Zombies take over the world, most world leaders are dead and government’s lost, the U.N. tasks a former employee (Brad Pitt) to step up to save the day. The film the thrills, kills and a lot of action.

What was your favorite film of 2013?

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