Our Space Fun Friday Before Mother's Day

Fun Friday Before Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday, brands are rolling out emotional ads attempting to play with the heartstrings of mothers and children everywhere. This Fun Friday, we will take a look at two brands who are trying to profit from the celebration of the women who gave us life with heartwarming ads.


In a new series of eight ads, Hallmark asked people to describe how much they love their moms without using the phrases “I love you” and “thank you” for the brand’s “Put Your Heart to Paper” campaign. Unknowingly to the participants, their moms were listening to the conversations the entire time. Each video captures the mom’s reactions to her children’s touching words.

“I feel like with her actions every day she teaches me what it means to love someone,” one daughter says about her mother in the video above. The other daughter describes her mother as her soulmate: “People always talk about ‘Oh there’s soulmates in the world’ and I don’t know if I believe in all that stuff, but if there were soulmates, I know she’s my soulmate. I’ve never yet met somebody that I connect with and love and care about and think about more than my mom.”

In another video, Hallmark spoke with Alana and her mom Lisa, who raised Alana as a single mother. When asked to describe her mom without using the word “love,” Alana said, “If I didn’t have my mom, I think I would be lost. I think she’s a bit of my guiding light, especially right now becoming a new mom. You mean everything to me.”

Watching these videos makes it almost impossible to not feel even slightly moved, which of course is the whole point. But yet, the basic concept of thanking those you love—no matter how well intentioned or executed—has been done before and arguable better.


Pandora Jewelry on the other hand is changing the conversation by asking mothers “Are you unique enough that your child could pick you out of a lineup by touch alone?” In this heart-gripping ad, blindfolded children are asked to try and recognize their mothers by touch alone.

Anyone watching is instantly hit with a major case of the feels. The worry on each mom’s face as she waits to see if her child would recognize her, followed by tears of joy when they finally do made even me shed a tear. Pandora’s ad went viral with over 13 million views on YouTube, while Hallmark’s ads have been nowhere near as successful.

So are you convinced? I am. My mom absolutely needs a piece out of the Pandora catalog this Mother’s day to make her feel unique (because what makes a mom feel more unique then the same bracelet every other mom has on her wrist).

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