Fun Friday: The Perks of National Donut Day

Today is National Donut Day! As completely oblivious as I am, I strolled into my usual Dunkin’ Donuts for my morning coffee with no realization that it was National Donut Day. (I guess I could have been clued in by the larger-than-normal line, but I was just convinced that this Friday was going to be a rough one, so the people of Chicago REALLY needed their coffee.) Alas, I was pleasantly wrong in my assumption and was offered a FREE donut with my usual coffee.

Gee, did I feel giddy! Not only was I offered a free donut but a surprise free donut. That free donut came out of nowhere for me and just swooped in and brightened up my day. Surprise free things are some of the best of things. Seriously. Not only do you get the element of surprise, but it’s also FREE.

So, this made me think of what I’d share for this Fun Friday. What other things would get me all giddy if I surprisingly got them for free?


Fun Friday National Donut Day Photo 11)    Free “L” Ride Friday

For most working people in the world, it’s always a bit harder to get out the door to go into work on Friday (especially when it’s a gorgeous & sunny out… like today). So wouldn’t it be nice if when you got to the L station and were greeted by the CTA staff with a smile and a free ride just because it’s Friday, and shoot don’t you deserve it after a full work week!

This would definitely brighten up my day. Especially because we all know that in Chicago getting onto the L using your trusty new Ventra card isn’t always the easiest… or fastest process. Also, this particular Friday just so happens to be the Anniversary of the 1st ever L ride… so come on CTA, you really dropped the ball on this one.


Our Space National Donut Day Photo 22)    BOGO Beer Deals

BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) deals are some of the best kinds of deals. It’s just the perfect added bonus to your daily purchases. So, if I were at a bar and ordered a beer, I’d be totally ecstatic if the bartender offered me a free beer with my already purchased beer. I mean who wouldn’t be? Especially if you didn’t have to flirt your way into getting that free beer… because we all that can turn out to be an awkwardly exhausting process for just one beer.


That’s why most bars should just start doing “BOGO Beer Deals”… like all the time. It’s just simple logic, when somebody comes into your bar and orders a beer, they are most likely going to order another one. So why not just give them a free beer as a fun little surprise. I mean that would convince me to stay.


National Donut Day Photo 33)    Surprise Sold-Out Show Second Chance

We all know how it feels when trying to buy tickets to a highly anticipated concert and getting shafted with the “SOLD OUT” sign of death before even getting to press the “buy tickets” button. It happens way too often these days. (Don’t even get me started on Lollapalooza’s ticket mess) Alas, I have concocted a fantastic solution for this modern-day music industry problem.

Once users start getting the “SOLD OUT” signal a few of those people who are competing for the tickets will get selected to attend a special, free show that will happen before the sold out show. This way, a good amount of people who were so desperately trying to buy tickets will be rewarded with the prize of a free show and a more intimate show with the artist they were anticipating on seeing. Now, instead of concert-goers taking to twitter to complain about bad ticketing services they get the lovely surprise of a free show! (This is what would happen in a perfect world).


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