Funny Advertising Halloween Costumes for Friday

Care to guess how much Americans will spend on celebrating Halloween this year?

Between the candy, costumes and decorations, Americans will spend $7.4 billion on today’s holiday. While this doesn’t come nearly as close to what analysts predict Americans will spend on Christmas this year, Halloween is a huge holiday for retailers. On costumes alone, consumers will spend about $2.8 billion; that makes sense considering the point of the holiday is to dress up as something you’re not.

Needless to say, costumes have become a Halloween party staple–not just for children, but for adults (who actually spend more on costumes than children). In case you have only hours to get to a party and still have no costume ideas or are second-guessing your “thought this was cleaver, but it’s actually really offensive” costume and need some inspiration, check out these brand-inspired Halloween costumes for today’s Funny Friday. Not only will you almost certainly not offend anyone, you’ll likely be recognized immediately.

Progressive’s Flo and Geico’s Gecko


Gorton’s Fisherman


Starbucks Baristas and a Cute Drink


Nintendo’s Mario and Princess Peach


A Facebook Timeline

Let’s get this Halloween onnnnnnnn   A photo posted by @itscoledout on Oct 10, 2012 at 3:58pm PDT



Share a Coke! #Coke #Cocacola #ShareaCoke #Halloween #costumes   A photo posted by @katelinddd on Oct 10, 2014 at 8:58am PDT



A Group of Fast Food Mascots


Or Just Simply Wendy’s Wendy


Happy Halloween!


Cover Photo Source: Andrey Armyagov

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