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Funny Friday: 4 Hilarious Ads

This Funny Friday, we thought we would really give you guys a reason to laugh during these frigid, never-ending winter days with these hilarious ads. Maybe you will laugh hard enough to keep warm…just maybe.

“It Comes Standard” by Dodge Durango

When it comes to funny, leave it to Will Ferrell and his all-too-hilarious ads for Dodge Durango to make us laugh in an all-new way. Last week, Ferrell’s Anchorman 2 was re-released in theaters under an R rating with extended content. Dodge’s Winter campaign features Ferrell in character as Ron Burgundy, and he introduces us to the side of Dodge Durango previously unknown to the consumer.


“Mini Abe’s Spontaneous Fall” by the Illinois Office of Tourism

Who knew Abraham Lincoln could be so disturbingly funny? Well the Illinois Office of Tourism sure thought so.


“Guinea Pigs” by AT&T

I’m biased towards guinea pigs because I own one, but this guinea pig ad by AT&T is funny, even to those not infatuated by those insanely cute animals. In this hilarious ad, Kim and Carl, two superstitious guineas, have a knack for comedic timing.


“Camp Gyno” by HelloFlo

Usually hilarious ads and visits from Aunt Rose don’t appear in the same sentence, but exceptions exist for every rule HelloFlo, a PMS care package company, reminds women of their awkward first visit from Aunt Flo. The company does a great job of making that time of the month easier for younger girls with discrete care packages. And it comes with chocolate!



Cover Photo Source: Mihai Maxim

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