Phone Prank

Funny Friday: Let the Pranks Begin

Here at SJG we have Thirsty Thursdays a couple of times a month. We have, at times, broadened our fun to include Wet Your Whistle Wednesday, Stop the Madness Monday, TGIF Friday, but never Tuesdays. No, never Tuesdays. We have our limits and standards after all.

So on the last Thursday of March, we were gathered in the lounge sharing the love when I started telling the team about a sillier time in my life when I used to crank call my co-workers. I was good at it. I had an entire repertoire of characters I would summon—the elderly African American man, the snobbish British woman, the Asian pastor and the Slovak person who could not be identified as either male or female. This whole multicultural thing is nothing new to me.

Unfortunately, all of these characters were long ago laid to rest as a result of my maturation, matrimony and motherhood and all.

But on that Thursday, I felt my Slovak alter ego bubbling up, and we decided as a team to have a little fun. Since we were gathered before “after” hours, our receptionist Ana was still up front answering calls… Someone dialed and handed me the phone. What was I to do? Suddenly I became a confused pizza delivery guy. And just as suddenly within my soul, I was young again!

The first call I told Ana I had 22 pizzas to deliver to SJG. She insisted that no one had ordered any pizza. I kept her on the line reciting the address and using her name as the contact person for the pizzas. She of course politely told me again that no order had been placed. I elaborated on the types of pizzas I had ready for delivery 6 cheese, 8 pepperoni, etc… With her patience waning, she told me that I was calling the wrong place and hung up.

It wasn’t over though. A few minutes later, we sent someone to let her know that we were waiting in the kitchen for pizza and to please let us know when they arrived. She freaked.

We waited a few minutes then had the Slovak pizza guy call again. This time she was very apologetic and was going to call down to notify security to allow them entrance. This is what happened next…



So that was the beginning. You’ll have to come back to see the other jokes that we played throughout April, including the fake copyright lawsuit and the singing telegram announcement of “Your having a baby!” during a Thursday morning meeting.

It’s not over either. Like we said – any day is a good day for a practical joke. You can never be too old to laugh. And every day is a good day to reconnect with your joyful and silly side.

Cover Photo Source: Matt Reinbold via Flickr

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