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Funny Friday: “It’s All Right ‘Cause I’m Saved by the Bell”

Time out!

This past Wednesday marked the 25th anniversary of the first episode of Saved by the Bell, “Dancing at the Max.” Cue the Millennial sighs (hey, 20-somethings and 30-somethings can be nostalgic).

While some teens today may have different reactions to the iconic ‘90s series, Millennials have a special place in their hearts for the ring of a school bell and a preppy boy with his posse.



Because of the anniversary, Saved by the Bell inspired BuzzFeeds, YouTube videos and trailers for a Lifetime movie (based on Dustin Diamond’s tell all book) have circulated the Internet.

As one of Millennials’ most influential shows, Saved by the Bell offered ‘90s kids a moral compass, a love of cellular phones, a wish for the ability to freeze time and the complete fear of caffeine pills. (“I’m so excited, I’m so excited, I’m so… scared”—you know you were thinking that).

To commemorate such a significant day in pop culture, this Funny Friday features ten of the most hilarious (intentional and unintentional) Saved by the Bell lines, moments and episodes.

The show is a quarter of a century old, but I’ll be considerate enough to mention the rest of this post is a SPOILER-FEST. You’ve been warned, but really, who hasn’t seen every episode multiple times?

10.  Zack Catfishes Screech

Before Catfishing was even a thing, poor Mr. Powers felt the sting of falling for a fake woman. While Zack was just trying to be a good friend to his best buddy (or get a good grade on his science project), dressing up as a (pretty ugly looking) girl and calling himself Bambi probably was not the way to go.

9. Snow White and the Seven (uh, Eight) Dorks

In an episode of fairly odd couples, audiences saw Zack and Jessie, the Evil Queen and the Prince and Snow White and a “Dork” all lock lips. Yes, this episode really had it all… plus a hilarious rap. Really, Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Vanilla Ice could almost be twins.

8. Inappropriate Student and Faculty/Staff Relations

Bayside should have had a slew of lawsuits. Take Belding—yes, he was a caring principal who pretty much had to devote his time to making sure Zack kept out of trouble, but that should not have involved wrestling students, going into Zack’s bedroom or anything else in BuzzFeed’s “17 Reasons Why Mr. Belding Was the World’s Creepiest Principal.” And we can’t forget about the episode where Zack tried to put the moves on the school nurse… and the nurse played along. Or how about Kelly and Professor Lasky in The College Years? Scandalous.

7. The Summer at Malibu Sands

What Saved by the Bell fan didn’t want to work at Malibu Sands Beach Resort? The best episode by far was the staff/member Fourth of July competition… where Slater lost… he lost bad… he lost to a girl.



6. Jessie and Slater

What says healthy relationships like continued use of “Mama” and “Pig” as terms of endearment? Perhaps a smidgen dysfunctional, but the pair definitely had chemistry, especially on the dance floor. In my mind, the two eventually got back together as NBC wasn’t cool enough to make that happen in the finale.

5. The Mall Sleepover

Who else tried to get locked in the mall for the most epic sleepover of all time after seeing the episode where Zack and friends found a bag full of money in the mall, sneaked into a tent at the sports store and camped out in it for the night while evading the “mob?” Anyone, anyone? And, after they spent/lost all the money that WAS NOT THEIRS, they got rewarded with five front row tickets to U2 (as the mob turned out to be hidden camera TV show producers who had been filming them all along). Moral of the story: always spend money you find in the mall, right?

4. Student Teacher Week

Why would anyone have wanted to go to Valley when Bayside students got to take over the school for a whole week (not to mention Valley’s football team pretty much stunk)? Zack took over as Principal (and tricked out his office with L.L. Cool J posters), “Muscle Screech from Muscle Beach” and Lisa flexed their skills as gym teachers and Kelly taught history (and almost failed Slater). What a Utopian-sounding school. Can you say, “Good Morning, Miss Bliss.” (Kudos if you got the reference).

3. Bayside Beach Boys Fans

From Zack’s subliminal message in the new Dolby recording of “California Girls” to the best lip dub ever to “Barbra Ann,” Beach Boys music has a special place in the hearts of Saved by the Bell fans. And can you believe NBC licensed those songs? The only downfall would be Belding singing “California Girls” off key.

2. “I’m so excited…”

Already referenced once in this post, this is THE most iconic and notable scene in all of Saved by the Bell. (Elizabeth Berkley and her dance partner Val Chmerkovskiy even recreated the scene on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars last season). Although drug use—even caffeine—is not something to joke about, Jessie Spano’s famous freak out is legendary in pop culture.

You may be wondering why it’s not number one… and it’s not simply because I don’t like to be predictable—which I don’t—but because…

1. Zack and Kelly

From “Dancing at the Max” to the TV movie Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas, Kelly and Zack’s relationship was something fans always looked forward to. So pure. So real. So out of order on the DVD box set. Sure, they had their differences, fights and break ups–like the time Kelly dumped Zack for Jeff (in the episode right after Zack created the perfect prom for her, rude), or Zack went for the school nurse (the day he and Kelly were finally going steady) or Zack explored his possible feelings for Jessie (and then went right back to Kelly). But, hey, after Zack’s father wouldn’t pay for their wedding, Zack made the most romantic move of all and took Kelly to Vegas to marry her. If that isn’t a gesture of true love, no Millennial knows what is. Their parents do eventually show up at least.

Gee, what a love story. What a show.

Okay, okay… Time in.

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