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Funny Friday: THE DRESS

“Black not yellow, black not yellow, black not yellow, black not yellow.”


Who knew that one post about the color of a dress on Tumblr would break the Internet? But alas, that’s exactly what happened.

By now, you’ve probably noticed #TheDress making its way across the Internet… The dress you saw may have appeared white and gold (that’s literally all I see) or black and blue (the actual colors) or have changed colors before your very eyes. The dress may have you questioning your sanity or the functionality of your eyes or life itself because you cannot understand this mystical cloth.


Personally, I hope this is some sort of insanely viral marketing stunt, as you can buy the actual black and blue dress hereor just a way for BuzzFeed to make a crazy amount of money. (As the agents haven’t come to terminate me and all the other white/golds out there, I think we can rule out a glitch in the Matrix). This hilarious debate has spread across the Internet faster than Mrs. Kanye West’s rear end, and it seems everybody has commented on the dress… especially celebrities (Lady Gaga’s is the best). Even the Today show spent three minutes of airtime on the great debate this morning. This Funny Friday, we’re bringing you the most hilarious #TheDress inspired social media posts.     















If there is some sort of trick to seeing the blue and black dress vs. the white and gold dress, please share. This is bringing up bad memories of never being able to see the hidden pictures Magic Eye images.

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