Chirstmas Traditions

Funny Friday: Top 5 funniest Holiday traditions from around the world

Traditions are some of the most wonderful things about the holiday season. Whether it’s your family’s particular tradition or a religious one, traditions and love unites us during the holiday season. Just for fun, this Friday, let’s take a look at five of the weirdest holiday traditions across the world.

1. Italy: Befana – In the Italian Christmas tradition, children wait for a witch named Befana to bring them presents instead of the more popular American Santa Claus.

2. Brazil: Santa wears silk – While our visions of Santa include a heavy velvet suit, boots and a hat, Brazilian children dream of a Santa who wears a silk outfit. Given the difference in climate, this is more than understandable. Santa probably enjoys the break from his chilly home in Greenland, where the Brazilian people suspect he lives.

3. Finland Grave Yard – A Christmas tradition (similar to la dia de los muertos) where Finnish families visit the graves of loved ones on Christmas eve, sing carols and share drinks to celebrate the dead.

4. Santa Con – One of the more recent American Christmas traditions is to dress up like Santa Claus, and get rip-roaring drunk. In New York and Chicago, this weekend people from all walks of life will be dressing like Santa and crawling from one bar to another, enjoying the holiday spirit.

5. Krampus – Folklore from the Alpine countries plays bad cop to St. Nicholas. He punishes children who have been naughty while St. Nick gives presents to those who have been good boys and girls.

What are your favorite holiday traditions and myths? Will you be dressing up like Santa this weekend at Santa Con?

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