Gobble Gobble & Need vs. Want

Here we are again – heading into the madness that surrounds this time of year for the masses around the world celebrating their diverse traditions. For most children, they begin to write out their list of wants and frankly in these times – I am disturbed by this.

I find myself quite often correcting my kids when they use the phrase, “I need.” We are a culture who has become very confused between our needs and our wants. We need, food and a sense of safety.  We thrive when our need for love and belonging are provided. Ultimately when those things are secured we may be able to fulfill our fundamental needs of living a life that has the opportunity to achieve a level of emotional and social satisfaction and ideally contribute to the greater good of humanity.

Those are needs. The latest smart phone is not a need. A new computer is not a need. An iTunes gift card – not a need…

Hey – I am not trying to be a Debbie downer – honestly. It’s just a reality check. Our obsession with technology and our many, many wants may be our reality. But it is not a possible reality for many who lack opportunity.

Here is a thought for you. Right now as you sit in your warm place, at your computer or on your smartphone reading this, considering what you are going to eat at your next meal, there are tens of thousands of people who don’t have a place to lay their heads, don’t know how  to read let alone have a computer or phone to read from, who don’t know where their next meal is coming from. The National Coalition for the Homeless just completed their yearly pre-Thanksgiving campaign. There are many who have it top of mind what needs are versus wants. It becomes obvious under certain circumstances all year round.

Wherever you live there are programs that make it easy for you to help those who are under resourced. If you are blessed enough wherein your needs are being met to the point in which you are able to make a difference in the lives of others, won’t you? We’ve made it really easy for you to sit right there in front of your computer, in your warm space and simply click – to see how you can help

Cover Photo Source: See-ming Lee via Flickr

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