Whole Foods

Is the Joke on Whole Foods?

Whole Foods infuriated consumers after the AP reported two workers from a New Mexico store were suspended for speaking Spanish at work. A company policy mandated that Whole Foods employees speak English-only during work hours. But soon, consumer dissatisfaction led to a threatened boycott.

Trying to avoid a crisis, Whole Foods has amended their policy. The current policy reads:

“If you speak English and you need to communicate with an English-speaking customer, please speak with them in English unless requested otherwise by the customer. When speaking with customers or fellow team members, please make sure you are sensitive to others who may want to join your conversation or ask you a question. If needed, switch to a common language to be inclusive and respectful.”

 As a part of their mission, Whole Foods believes “being part of a community means being an active neighbor. And we believe true community transcends the boundaries of our towns and cities.” Couldn’t some argue that here in America, the great melting pot, your neighbor may speak a different language?

And sometimes, being bilingual can come in pretty handy:



Cover Photo Source: Joe Shlabotnik via Flickr

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