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The best executives are those who have a solid training and are propelled by wisdom.

Program Benefits

The San Jose Group Junior Executive Internship Program provides an array of benefits including:

  • Real World Experience
  • Work Experience With Fortune 1000 Clients
  • Improved Communication and Presentation Skills
  • Participation In Client Meetings and Conference Calls
  • Development of Marketing Communication Skills
  • Direct Collaborative Involvement
  • Potential Transition into a Full-Time Career
  • Access to the Building's Fitness Center
  • What's your talent

    Making a career decision is a learning experience. What does a position with a marketing communications group require of me? How can I creatively and intellectually impact the various divisions of this agency? What about public relations? Or consulting? By exploring the different divisions at The San Jose Group (SJG), you can further pinpoint your own strengths and make new progress in your pursuit of a fulfilling career.

  • Our Stars / Testimonials

    SJG dedicates a great deal of time in training its Junior Executives, preparing them for professional employment. Even the Junior Executives who have not been hired by SJG have reported that the program made it possible for them to obtain positions that would have been otherwise difficult to acquire without their experience at SJG.

    "I would like to thank you again for the wonderful opportunity you gave me. It allowed me to have a better understanding of what it takes to work for a successful company and what I need to accomplish in order to effectively be a part of it. I know for a fact that without the experience I received from SJG, I wouldn't be at today."


    "After graduating from SIU, I accepted a job with Walgreen's as an assistant manager. A year later, I was still determined to get into advertising industry. I enrolled in the Junior Executive Program and after three months, I was hired by an internationally recognized organization as a marketing and events representative to spearhead their multicultural initiative. The Junior Executive Program made it possible for my dream to come true."


    Click on the boxes to listen testimonials of interns who crossed over to full-time employment with the SJG family.

What is SJG like?

We offer a relaxed and friendly environment where our employees can be devoid of anxiety and stress. We believe this is the best way for our employees to be efficient.

How will JET program prepare me for the professional world?

We offer true experiential opportunities. Our interns are guided by professionals and are expected to meet professional standards.

What kind of work will I be doing?

Participants of the JET program will give you the chance to work with departments such as advertising, consulting, public relations, media, creative and international business.

What should I know before applying?

This is not an internship where you fetch coffee. Our interns are invested in by professionals.

Where do I go from here?

If you believe you are a good fit for this opportunity, go to the apply tab and write a dynamic cover letter and submit a professional resume. Tell us what sets you apart from the crowd, and why you want to be a part of our team.

How do I set myself apart from other applications?

SJG’s interns must be highly motivated. We hire problem solvers and self-starters. This internship is reserved for dedicated individuals only.

Why should I choose SJG?

As an industry leader, SJG is part of one of the largest networks of marketing agencies. We are independent and entrepreneurially driven and committed to providing our JEs with a work experience that will equip them for the realities of this fast-paced industry.

What does SJG expect of me?

SJG expects its interns to work at least 20 hours a week, and they must be able to accomplish tasks independently.

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