Doritos Locos Tacos

Loco for Tacos: Advertising That Sells

 Advertising is consistently changing. From “can bags” to talking animals, we’ve seen advertisements come and go; yet, some seem to embed themselves in our minds forever. 

Tapping into Our Emotions

Does the phrase, “Yo quiero Taco Bell” (“I want Taco Bell”) ring a, well, bell? Whatever happened to that cute talking Chihuahua named Gidget who was the face of the Mexican-style fast food chain’s 1997 television commercials? Despite the passing of that cute, little pup in 2009 as well as a lack of increased sales from those advertisements, that campaign is still vivid in my mind.



Digging Deeper into Our Wants

Taco Bell’s successful ads rely on their ability to grasp our attention by emotionally tapping into our needs and wants. People who love chips, specifically Doritos, are sure to fall in love with Taco Bell’s Locos tacos. The Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos tacos launched nationally in March 2012, and by early 2013, sales from the mouthwatering tacos topped $345 million–making it the largest and most successful product launch in Taco Bell history. As a Doritos lover, I proudly admit that the Doritos Locos tacos are the best of both worlds!

What comes after Doritos tacos? Doritos tacos II? Sort of.

Our Space Locos TacoAfter garnering much success from the original Doritos Locos tacos, Taco Bell launched the Cool Ranch taco on March 7th. Not all taco enthusiasts were pleased with the release. Taco Bell noted on their Facebook page that the new tacos would be released a day earlier, which resulted in many disappointed fans who ventured to their nearest Taco Bell only to find out that their journeys were FAILS. Um, come again… tomorrow—the 200 calorie supreme tacos will still be there, right? Did I really just have to mention how many calories were in Doritos Locos supreme tacos? Ain’t nobody got time to think about calories when going to Taco Bell! The calorie and sodium intake is probably the last thing on their minds – just give ‘em the taco(s)!

What about those who actually care about what they eat but want to take drastic measures and try something new? Lucky (or unlucky) for them, Taco Bell has introduced a more upscale and fresh menu. Healthier fast food goers look no further; try something off the Cantina Bell menu. When I saw the commercial, all I could think was how the process of making a burrito bowl looked ‘sooooo good’. Although, it’s always important to be aware of what you eat. The chicken burrito bowl (watch out Chipotle!), which seems like a healthier choice, actually has more calories than one Doritos Locos taco. Did I have to go there again? It’s still Taco Bell food, after all. Maybe one day there really will be a better Taco Bell.

Until then, what do you think about Taco Bell’s marketing techniques—do they make you loco for tacos?

Cover Photo Source: Taylor Bennett via Flickr
Photo Source 1: Kris Vera-Phillips via Flickr

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