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demystifying the hispanic consumer: myth #6

The following post is part 6 of a 7 part series Myth #6 Launching a Hispanic Marketing Program Will be too Difficult to Support Financially, Especially When I’m Having a Hard Time in the current environment Truth When brands are budget-constrained and fighting for market share is EXACTLY when they should explore the Hispanic market. […]

Demystifying the hispanic consumer: Myth #2

The following post is part 2 of a 7 part series Myth #2 Each Hispanic Subgroup Needs a Different Approach Truth While there are distinctions among the various ethnicities as it pertains to dialects, customs and category development, there are more common denominators than differences when it comes to purchase drivers. SJG has helped its […]

The Hop to Hob: Why IHOP Changed its name to IHOB

In June, breakfast chain IHOP announced it would change its name to IHOB. This lead the public into a wild guessing game of what the “B” could possibly stand for. The most common guesses were Breakfast, Brunch, Bananas, and more. Their twitter account is now @ihob, there are now billboards and store signage that say ‘’IHOB’, […]

The First Female Colonel Sanders: How Casting Reba affected KFC

KFC chose Reba McEntire to be the first woman to play the iconic role of Colonel Sanders in their ad campaign running from January to April of 2018.   Although KFC insists this was a political move, and the spokesperson for KFC claims that they “have always maintained that anyone, male or female, who embodies […]

Will Pop-Up Shops Overtake Traditional Retailing?

In the past few years, pop-up stores, also known as flash retail, has become exceedingly popular. However, temporary retailing is not new. Ideas like summer Farmer’s markets, autumnal Halloween stores, and Chicago’s own wintertime Christkindlmarket have existed for a while. Temporarily retailing can be traced back as early as the year 1298 in Vienna when […]

Lollapalooza Loses Loyal Following

Every summer, Chicagoans and Suburban youths travel to Grant Park for Lollapalooza. In past years, tickets for all-day passes and for single day passes have sold out in hours. This year it took one week for four-day passes to sell out, with some single day passes still available, two months after their release.   There’s […]

When New Media Becomes New Reality

As technology grows and develops, new digital mediums emerge. The inventions of television, the Internet, social media, and smart phone apps all took the world by storm. In the advertising world, when a new technology emerges, we immediately seek to find the advertising potential of new technologies and try to adapt to mastering those technologies. […]