Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Don’t you get that warm feeling in your heart when someone rips apart hours of your hard work by simply saying “I like it a LOT, but could you change the whole thing?” Any or all advertising creatives, art/graphic designers, directors and more should be able to understand this torture. Frustration comes naturally when your whole heart is put in an assignment only to have it shot down, but it happens and we live on. People have told me to have thick skin, to be able to “kill my own baby” (of course that’s only an expression) and to not get too attached to my ideas in this industry. So, I try to keep my distance, but I can’t help but wonder who really knows which ideas are worth keeping or trashing in today’s markets.

PhotoShop isn’t the answer to all problems, and so creativity will not die- it will live on. Sharpsuits has provided what the creative, yet frustrated, community in Ireland put together from their troubles with some colleges and clients. They did what they do best and creatively displayed these experiences as art pieces that were displayed at The Little Green Café to aid the Temple Street Children’s Hospital.

Have a few laughs with these posters of obscure, outrageous and nonsensical demands made because I guarantee some of this ridiculousness has happened to you.

Cover Photo Source: Goodluz

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