The Walking Dead

It’s Back and Deader Than Ever

I had heard about it, seen the hype, noted the obsession – but to be honest I didn’t get it.  Last night, with the season premiere of the third installment of AMC’s The Walking Dead, I finally was awakened.

First it was vampires.  I saw twenty minutes of the first Twilight movie and had to turn it off.  Brain atrophy.  Sorry Stewart lovers, but the girl is a lousy actress and truly I felt stupider (see) after watching just a few moments.

But zombies – specifically, The Walking Dead – this I understand.  I first caught a glimpse of their marketing genius in August with their “campaign” to bring the show back to Dish Network.  A day in the life of a zombie on the streets of NYC. 12,000,000 + free consumer views.  AMC made the most of this new age in our industry.

Because of my need to justify hours of catching up on the show over the weekend, I have converted my viewing into some lasting truths that can be applied to the political system and advertising.  In both of these groups I think we can categorize two classes, The Living or The Walking Dead.  Here are my insights.

  1. Both the Living and The Walking Dead have one main goal, survival.
  2. One groups agenda is purely selfish, namely get blood to sustain its soul-less, “life”.  (This statement is in no way directed at a particular candidate or party – although I am certain pending your affiliation – you are thinking it is true of your opposition.)
  3. The key to destroying the “dead”  is to attack their “brain.”  Neither laughing or mocking, lying or denying its existence will help.  It requires intelligent, deliberate and strategic planning to survive in the post apocalyptic world (is that too dramatic of a phrase for this recession?).
  4. The success of the living depends on their collaborative efforts, utilizing and maximizing everyone’s strengths.  There is a clear leader – but everyone is a contributor.
  5. Finally, the bottom line is that if there is to be any survivors, it is going to require laying down personal striving and individual ambitions.  It is virtually impossible to survive as an “independent” in this disastrous future.  In this new era, race, religion, socio-economic positioning and past successes are USELESS in terms of advancing the cause of the living.  They will learn to work together as one team – or they will all die.  It’s that simple.

So that’s it.  I am a zombie groupie now.  I have learned the value of sharing in the real terror and truth of living among the Walkers.  You either join forces with the other survivors in this new frightening environment with all of its political and industry realities?  Or you will be left for dead…

Cover Photo Source: Xeworlebi via Wikimedia Commons

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