Hispanic myth purchase power

Demystifying The Hispanic Consumer: Myth #1

The following post is part 1 of a 7 part series

Myth #1

The Hispanic segment indexes poorly against my brands, so it really isn’t a desirable target for me. Plus, my English campaigns are doing a fine job in reaching the Hispanic segment


Have you given this segment a culturally compelling reason as why they should purchase you? Low usage indexing is an indicator of poor category development and/or the consumer’s lack of understanding as to how your brand fits into her lifestyle. The bottom line? Behavior and attitudes have been changed many times with the right marketing approach – even with products that are not aligned with traditional Hispanic consumer behavior. And as for affordability, the true barometer of Hispanic spending power is never household income – It’s how they spend their discretionary income. How else can you explain the $50+ billion that are wired back home to Latin America every year?