Felix Baumgartner

Everyone Has Limits?

“Everyone has limits, not everyone accepts them,” Felix Baumgartner has been quoted as saying. He may or may not have been the first person to say those words, but he is undoubtedly the first person to break certain limits of sound and fear.


Baumgartner leapt from a capsule 24 miles above the earth, landing safely outside of Roswell after free falling for over four minutes, reaching a top speed of 833.9 miles per hour – accomplishing his goal of breaking the sound barrier.

He stood at the gateway of his goal or death and said the following statement knowing it could be his last words:

“Sometimes we have to get really high to see how small we are.”

He is a big man on earth today. Lots of media attention that will surely last more than fifteen minutes.  If he can do THAT – really what is standing in the way of what you or I want to do?



To see and read more about Felix’s incredible feat – click here.

Cover Photo Source: Georges Biard via Wikimedia Commons

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