Falling For You

Looking for a little more creativity from advertisers and their product placements?

Earlier this week, Target released the first two installments of its new short film series, Falling for You, on the company’s website. This isn’t just a typical short film—it’s the ultimate product placement. All props from clothes to fashion accessories to make up and home/office furnishings right down to the rugs can be purchased at target. And to help you out, Target has placed each item on the video’s side bar. The idea: let consumers see how products look in real life settings before they make their purchases. If consumers like the product, they don’t even have to pause the video to add it to their shopping carts; they can just click on the item as it appears onscreen.

The film’s protagonist (Kristin Bell) is an advertising executive whose boss (Nia Long) wants to add a little competition to the work place. Bell’s rival (Zachary Able) will run his pitch for the fall fashion ideas against hers, hoping to nail the account.

The last installment of the film premiers Tuesday, October 9th on


Cover Photo Source: Mr. T in DC via Flickr

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