2013 Top Tunes

2013: Top Tunes

2013 and music–what comes to mind? While Billboards top ten songs of the year (based on streams, downloads, radio airplays and overall popularity) doesn’t include too many surprises to anyone even a little in-the-know or anyone who owns a radio; but, this year’s list does include a lot of first timers, and 2013 broke records with this following list:


1. “Thrift Shop”



Macklemore and Ryan Lewis hit the top ten twice and hold the coveted number one spot.  “Thrift Shop” was the highest selling single of 2013 and with over 7 million downloads; it is the song that encapsulates 2013. Money flaunting theme in pop and rap music is commonplace, but in “Thrift Shop” the lyrics preach quite the opposite. Bragging about only having twenty dollars in his pocket and still looking incredible, Macklemore introduced a new concept in the music business but perhaps this is where we are headed come the new year.

2. “Blurred Lines”



Arguably the one song on this list that has brought on the most controversy, “Blurred Lines” hits at number two this year.  Robin Thicke has spent most of his career low key but with the video (both censored and uncensored are pretty scandalous), the alleged Marvin Gaye rip-off and the music to which Miley originally showed us how talented of a dancer she is all surrounded this single in 2013. Robin along with T.I. and Pharell clearly know what they are doing.

3. “Radioactive”



Combining a few different styles, like  all good millennial singles do, “Radioactive” was a little bit indie with rock and electronic all combining to turn this song into the first single Imagine Dragons had on the Billboard 100 chart. The crossover of styles made this alternative rock band have a successful year. With over 110 million hits on YouTube, they are well deserving of their number three spot.

4. “Harlem Shake”



Although this single debuted in the middle of 2012, it did not become a huge hit until YouTube made a meme of it. Then the Baauer beat’s popularity spread and resulted in five weeks at the number one spot on Billboard.  DJs are  very in right now, and “Harlem Shake’s” appearance on the list shows they will likely still be very cool come the New Year.

5. “Can’t Hold Us”



Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are the only artists that make it on the top ten twice in 2013. “Can’t Hold Us” became a go to party jam in 2013 and Macklemore and Ryan Lewis proved that their collaborations are wildly popular and “Can’t Hold Us,” featuring Ray Dalton,  was their second number one hit in the US this year. This song was applauded for its motivational lyrics which seems to be a common theme in their music.  These boys are a lot of fun and you can’t help to check on that ceiling when it’s playing.

6. “Mirrors”



Naturally Justin Timberlake comes back to the music game and makes everyone else seem like amateurs. His last solo album dropped in 2006.  He then  focused on acting from 2007 to 2012 and left his adoring fans waiting for a new album. He did not disappoint when he dropped 20/20 and made a spot on the list. Inspired by both his lovely wife and grandparents, Mirrors spent time at number one, reminding listeners why he holds the reigning king of pop title.

7. “Just Give me a Reason”



Paired with her powerhouse pipes, P!nk’s plea for love again made us all fans of this single. This song must have been inspired from her reconciliation with Carey Hart…and we all love a good rekindled romance, especially when it comes to celebrities. Fun’s Nate Ruess also lends his vocals for this track.

8. “When I Was Your Man”



Bruno Mars has countless catchy singles, yet he slowed it down for this ballad.  Romantic (and a bit over dramatic) as ever, this was a hit for Bruno, and we can only hope he will play it when he performs the Superbowl halftime show.

9. “Cruise”



The only country song that made the list, this song was catchy and even Nelly did a remix to it, which helped land its number nine spot on the list. Cruise (combining the original and the remix) spent  21 weeks at number one, which is the longest time for a single to spend at number one in Billboard history. It was a great year for Florida Georgia Line and a bit of Nelly never disappoints.

10. “Roar”



Katy Perry’s first single off her new album makes it in at the last minute at number ten. The overwhelmingly positive feedback this song received is not surprising seeing as she is now the most followed person on Twitter. Maybe a bit over the top and swinging on one too many vines, Ms. Katy Perry has a loyal fan base, and her singles continue to get downloaded like crazy.


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