Funny Frank Friday Headlines

Let’s be honest, how many times a week do you scroll though your various timelines, news feeds and dashboards only to come across string after string of promotional updates from news outlets with ridiculous headlines? Sometimes purely link bait, sometimes highly illustrative, wacky headlines attempt to make something out of nothing. Nontent (“content” that lacks substance) is being decorated with illustrative headlines to try and get visitors eyes on the page. The feminist online magazine The Vagenda started a social media revolution when it re-worded an especially flowery headline into a much less sexist, more frank version, asking its readers to share their clever headlines re-writes on social media. Below are a few of the funniest, most poignant examples of tweets that users sent in.


Lawyer goes to work

  Honor roll student learns to drive


Actress enjoys coffee

  Cara Santana has skin


Want to read more ridiculously frank headlines? Check out the Onion-like headlines in this tumblr blog!


Cover Photo Source: Christopher Boswell

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