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Funny Friday: Cameos and Puppies: The Cream of Super Bowl Ad Crop

Calling all sports fans, commercial fans, food fans, Bruno Mars fans and don’t-really-care-about-anything-but-being-social fans–get ready because The BIG GAME is almost here. Nope, not the World Cup (that’s this summer); not the Sochi Olympics (those are still two weeks away); we’re talking about the Super Bowl.

In a way, this year’s game seems less exciting: perhaps it’s that both teams come from the West (although they’re playing in the East), that that game lacks that dramatic element like last year’s Cain and Abel Harbowl had or the fact that it’s being out shined by the pending Winter Olympic Games. For me, it’s the fact that brands have already started posting their Super Bowl ads to the Internet. Don’t get me wrong, I love football and can’t wait to watch the big game (cough, go Denver, cough). However, I also love watching the ads. Fortunately, the spots brands have already released have been pretty hilarious. This Funny Friday, we’re featuring some must-see funny ads–even if you miss the big game, you’ll have something to chat about around the water cooler on Monday.  



Anna Kendrick is absolutely positively hilarious in this Newcastle Brown Ale spot. Her declaration, “I mean, I’m hot, but like approachable hot; like the ‘hottest girl in your improve class’ hot… but beer commercial hot?” shows that humor really is in the details… and in the delivery. Also, who doesn’t love the use of the “big game” and the bleeps? After seeing this, I realize I can’t completely loath Twilight; without it, we might not have Anna Kendrick in this Super Bowl ad.

Dannon Oikos


In light of full disclosure, if you’re an avid Our Space reader, you may have noticed how much ’90s television has impacted my life as I may have mentioned it once or twice… or anytime I can work it into a blog–and my most favorite ’90s show happens to be Full House.

First off, take a moment to recollect yourself– not only did the spot feature John Stamos (“Have mercy“), who is a Dannon Oikos spokes person, but Bob Saget and Dave Coulier also make appearances. This comes weeks after their Dannon teaser came out and days after their appearance–in Full House character– on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. If you listen, you can hear fans of classic ’90s television all around the world saying, “THANK YOU,” for bringing Uncle Jesse, Danny and Joey back together again… and, don’t panic, but we might get to see even more of this trio.



She’s back… And does little Gracie know how to negotiate, or what? Good thing that Daddy eats his Cheerios, because it looks like Mommy is going to share some words about the puppy promise.



Yes, that is Sean Astin (who I’m pretty sure has a monopoly on the fountain of youth) as Rudy–slow clapping. Honestly, I could just watch that on a loop. And then to top it all off, CarMax has a puppy version. (Starts slow clapping).



Who doesn’t love a good allusion to It’s a Wonderful Life. However, the funniest part of the commercial is the skeptical teen–specifically the line when Volkswagens reach 200,000 miles, “rainbows shoot of their butts.” What a charming image.

Bud Light


Although I’m not the target here–clearly it’s young men– this behind-the-scenes spot is hilarious. Arnold should always wear his “Tiny Tennis” outfit; and who knew that he was the master of misdirection. Bud Light sure made Ian’s day.



Really, this spot treads on all things ridiculous; however, Sarah McLachlan (whose Animal Cruelty PSA basically ruined her hit, “Angle”) may have the best cameo in any Super Bowl ad (that’s been released thus far) because even she doesn’t like the Doberhuahua mutt. Audi nailed it with this hilarious and somewhat disturbing spot.



First off, brands can never go wrong with puppies. Secondly, Budweiser can’t fail with their iconic clydesdales. Third, this spot features possibly the greatest inter-species friendship since E.T. Not only is it cute, it’s funny. Feel free to watch it again.

Go Daddy


At least they learned SOMETHING from last year’s (or all time’s) most disgusting Super Bowl commercial. No disturbing spit swapping sounds in this ad… just bodybuilders in need of spray tans.  The only thing it’s missing now is Snooki.

Remember to tune in this Groundhogs day to see advertisers drop $4 million on a 30 second-spot; don’t waste your time seeing if Punxsutawney Phil will see his shadow (we can pretty much guarantee that this Winter is going to hang around for quite a while). I know, total bummer. Luckily, you can re-watch all these ads on Sunday.

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