Girl Power Moments

Funny Friday: Funniest Girl Power Moments

Today’s Pulaski Day—but unless you’re a kindergartner through high school senior—it’s far less exciting, Revolutionary War hero or not. Really, unless you’re Dupree or a teacher, you’re not even celebrating Columbus Day on Monday.

Let’s face it—Pulaski isn’t very funny—seriously, the guy died (albeit, heroically) in a failed mission… I can’t work with that for Funny Friday.

Luckily, we have the United Nations, which does little but come up with holidays that I can write about. Thanks UN! So, happy second annual International Day of the Girl Child! Or as I—a quintessential millennial woman—say, HAPPY GIRL POWER DAY!

Basically, the UN recognizes women are at an extreme disadvantage, so they kindly gave women a day of international recognition (that so makes up for the whole $.80 on the dollar thing). They admit (however, don’t do too much to change the fact) that women face grave inequality worldwide in terms of access to education (which is this year’s theme), nutrition, rights and medical care among other things. (Okay, in the grand scheme of women’s inequality, I’ll take America’s $.80 on the dollar versus not having freedom, but how about we strive for worldwide gender equality). Most women probably don’t think this is too funny, so in the spirit of girl power, today’s Funny Friday focuses on some hilarious examples of girl power in music and movies (and, no, I’m not just talking about the Spice Girls).

Kat Stratford—10 Things I Hate about You


In this a modern day adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew (not exactly a title that screams girl power by any means), Kat’s angsty sass makes her the definition of girl power. She’s hilariously real, commanding and steadfast.

Destiny’s Child – “Survivor”



Although the special effects and Michelle belting her lines from the raft are hilarious, the best part of this song is the line, “Thought I wouldn’t sell one thousand, sold nine million.” They didn’t have to dis their former band-mates “on the Internet;” rather, they let their achievements and the music, speak for themselves.

Viola Hastings–She’s the Man



Another Shakespeare adaptation (Twelfth Night), She’s the Man shows girls are just as strong, powerful and athletic as boys. Hilariously, posing as her brother, Viola fools (almost) everyone into thinking she’s a studley soccer player all to prove her point.

 P!nk— “U + Ur Hand”



P!nk tells it straight in this girl power anthem, “I’m not here for your entertainment.” She also gives some great sassy comebacks to cheesy pickup lines women can add to their arsenal.

Sister Mary Clearance/ Deloris —Sister Act and Sister Act 2


So, Sister Mary Clearance turned a group of dysfunctional, insubordinate teens into a responsible and focused choir after having survived testifying against her mafia boss boyfriend only a year earlier all while wearing a Habit? #GirlPower

Spice Girls—”Wannabe”



As one of the first third-wave feminism, girl power cultural artifacts, the videos and lyrics are a little out there— EMMA, what part of girl power involves stealing a homeless man’s hat and harassing young boys?!?). But other than that and fact that Scary “really, really, really want[s] to zig-a-zig ah,” (which is a fair bit of rubbish as it means nothing specifically but is open-ended so that listeners can have it mean anything to them that they want… naturally, “zig-a-zig ah” means Kit-Kat to me), the song establishes a demanding tone; play by the Spice Girls rules if you wannabe with them.


In the honor of celebrating Girl Power Day, or International Day of the Girl Child if you want to be technical, share some of your favorite Girl Power moments with us in the comments!

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