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Funny Friday: Hilarious Local Ads

There’s something special about local commercials. Low production costs, amateur acting and cheesy jokes often place these ads under the category of “it’s so bad, it’s good.” In fact, the commercials we love to make fun of just so happen to be some of the most successful. For today’s Funny Friday, we’ll highlight some of the finest local ads that were so awful, so wonderfully awful, you can’t help but smile.

Eagle Insurance



What says saving money on auto insurance more than a guy dressed in an eagle suit? Despite being painfully uncomfortable to watch, this ad by Eagle Insurance picked up national attention, including a top spot in Maxim Online’s “Crappiest Commercials Ever.” Love it or hate it, almost every Chicagoan can recall that terribly delivered line, “Oh, look at those low rates!”

Mr. Spriggs BBQ



Move over, Barry White. There’s a new seductive voice in town, and he’s convincing all of us to grab that special someone, dim the lights and stuff your face with BBQ ribs. Mr. Spriggs BBQ in Oklahoma hit its target market with a local ad that featured a beautiful love song. It has great lyrics, a melody that’s smooth as velvet and the most romantic employees the world has ever known. Just, it’s odd when you realize it’s all about ribs.

Sleep Center of the Southwest



There’s nothing funny about drowsy driving… unless a van flips across the road like it was in the Loony Tunes. The Sleep Center of the Southwest made sure Texans would remember to call them with this well-crafted ad that defied physics. We can only wonder what the video editor of this commercial was thinking with such an audacious CGI stunt. My guess is he just fell asleep on the job.

Golden Gate Funeral Home



What could be more convincing than having God himself endorse your business with a voiceover? Apparently the man upstairs is a pretty big fan of Dallas’s Golden Gate Funeral Home. This spectacular funeral home calms the fears of a recently deceased man with its affordability and classiness. Is death really that scary when you can be whisked away in the “new 300?”

Geraci Law

Warning: Do not watch this video while operating heavy machinery.



There might not be a more recognizable face in local ads and couch naps than our favorite bankruptcy lawyer, Peter Francis Geraci. He’s been “entertaining” us for years with his facial expression that leads me to think smiling could cause an allergic reaction—so it’s best not to take a chance. Don’t be fooled; Geraci Law LLC happens to be one of the largest personal bankruptcy practices in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana.

Cover Photo Source: J.D.S

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