May Rain

Funny Friday: It’s Gonna Be May

Welp. It’s May, whether the weather feels like it or not. (Thanks Chicago.) Instead of lovely mid-60 degree weather to freely romp around in, we got stuck with–you guessed it–more cold and less sunshine. I mean the people of Chicago need their vitamin D… badly! Chicagoans have been held up inside all winter; it’s about time we get blessed with some beautiful weather.

That’s why I was really looking forward to May. April ended up being a wash of a month due to rain, rain and more rain (mixed with one or two nice days), so I was hoping May was going to be the month to turn this awful spring around. Yet, I made the mistake of checking the 10-day forecast, and it looks like we are in for more gloomy “spring” days.

So, to help me cope with this “Springtime Saddness” I’m going to express my emotions in the healthiest way a modern, young adult can… by using Memes.


At first… I was really excited! I was all for the “It’s Gonna Be May” bandwagon.

I mean even President Barack Obama joined in this one by uploading a picture of him and Justin Timberlake accompanied by the ever so clever caption: “It’s gonna be May.”




Here’s one more, because these are just that great.

Then… I made the mistake of walking outside.


Then… I remembered that it SNOWED just last month.


And… that Florida is just the WORST state in the United Sates. (For many reasons)


Unfortunately… I just saw that The Red Eye released their Chicago Summer Festivals Calendar, and I can’t even bare to look at it because I’m doubting it will ever become warm again.

If I went through that list, all I’d be reminded of are all the fun outdoors things I COULD be doing if it wasn’t so darn cold. I think so far it’s only been nice enough to enjoy a nice, cool beverage outside three times… not enough in my book for May.


So now… I’m left with little hope. But you never know, maybe the sun’ll come out tomorrow… just maybe.


Cover Photo Source: Ensuper

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