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Funny Friday: Not-so-Threatening Celebrity Double Threats

Last night, Carrie Underwood starred in The Sound of Music Live. While the country music singer has performed live for the nation before (she was the winner of American Idol Season 4) as well as appearing on the TV show How I Met Your Mother and the movie Soul Surfer, fans voiced their skepticism and disapproval of the remake and casting before The Sound of Music Live even aired. In my opinion, Underwood gave a good performance. Comparing this production to the film is really like comparing apples and oranges, especially since the version starring Underwood is based on the original play and not on the Julie Andrews film that made The Sound of Music popular. While Andrews had many takes, Underwood was acting live. Overall, she has done well on the small screen and may get more acting opportunities. I’m hoping we have a Mariah Carey situation here. Maybe The Sound of Music  Live was Underwood’s Glitter, but she could have a Precious performance in the future.

Let’s look at a few less fortunate celebrities who might bid a “So Long, Farwell,” to hopes of being a double or triple threat. Some (I stress some) of the celebrities below are really talented in some fields, but leave a lot be desired in others.


Shaquille O’Neal



When you think of crossover fails, how can I not mention Shaquille O’Neal? This basketball star played a sluggish, rapping genie in the film, Kazaam. With rap lyric gems like: “Now, who’s that sorry wannabe/ that disturbs my Z’s,” how could the basketball star not have his door knocked down for acting roles? It is no wonder O’Neal also endured a failed music career. I blame the movie execs for Kazaam’s failure. But O’Neal’s acting did not help. The world may never forget Kazaam. Charles Barkley recently made a Kazaam joke on TNT, at the expense of his co-host, O’Neal.


Eddie Murphy



The comedian has enjoyed a successful film career with hits like Coming to America and The Nutty Professor, and while Eddie Murphy is known for his voice (as a donkey), perhaps doing voice acting for Shrek is the only time Murphy should be in a recording studio. His failed music attempts should have prevented his new music, but I think his single “Temporary” is a fitting title for his current music career. Personally, I think he should have stopped after the hilarious ‘80s single, “Party All the Time.” If you were trying to serenade her, Eddie, can you blame her for running to the nearest bar?


Khloe Kardashian


Khloe Kardashian is known for, well, being famous. She also attempted to co-host the popular talent competition, The X Factor, but she unfortunately was greatly out-shined by co-host Mario Lopez. She also had incessant issues reading from the teleprompter and was not asked to return for another season.


David Hasselhoff




David Hasselhoff. Pause for laughter. Yes, I went there. Actor, maybe. Musician, absolutely not. He may be a legend in Germany, but he has encountered more laughs than record sales in North America. At least he is a good sport and doesn’t take himself too seriously, allowing himself to be roasted on Comedy Central. Hasselhoff, like some of the others, should just enjoy being good at what he is good at.


Would you add anyone to our list? Tell us in the comments!


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