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Funny Friday: QR Code Fail

Brands have a knack (sometimes) for taking a perfectly good piece of technology and totally destroying it.

Such was the case for QR code when smartphones became the norm. Odds are, you’ve seen a QR code, Quick Response Code, which is the trademark type of matrix barcode that people scan to access a particular webpage. In other words, it’s a visual link. This system has become popular within applications that include product tracking, item identification, time tracking, document management, general marketing and much more; however, marketers–trying to appeal to tech-savvy consumers–have overused and misused this technology, that they’ve become a running joke in the advertising industry.

For today’s Funny Friday, we’ll look at some QR code fails.

Subway Fail

Our Space QR Code Subway


At a glance, this seems like a pretty good example of a QR code– they incorporated it into the design; however, JetBlue forgot one important thing: location, location, location. These ads were placed throughout the New York City subway system where people do not have service. Since QR codes link to websites, this campaign was unfortunately a fail.

Safe Auto Fail

Our Space QR Car

This seams like a great idea until you get rear-ended.

Drive-by Fail


Easy come, easy go. People do need to have time to access their smartphone, open up the QR app and scan the code.

Automatic Door Fail



Now you see it, now you don’t. Anytime you get close enough to scan.. BAM, the darn thing vanishes.

Fremont Street Fail

Our Space QR Code Fremont Street

Well, not the most obnoxious thing to see in Las Vegas; however, what practical human being would stop and try to scan a QR code that’s on the neon lit pedestrian mall ceiling? Then again, this is Vegas– what happens there, stays there, so practicality might not be a typical behavior.

Just Link It Fail

QR Codes Spooted at BlogWorld Expo 2010

Here’s the deal, QR code = Link. So, when you put the link on an shirt, do you really need to also put a QR code? At any rate, this QR code just sets up awkward situations.

Back of the Head

Our Space QR Code Head

If we thought back of the shirt was bad, this one tops that. “Excuse me, sir. Can you please hold your head still while my phone scans your tattoo? I really want to know where in the World Wide Web it could possibly lead. Thanks!”

Topping Fail

Our Space QR Code Cupcakes

Who needs sprinkles on top of a delicious cupcake? I want a QR code.

World Record Fail



Well, this would have been cool… IF it had worked.

Cover Photo Source: Peter Bihr via Flickr
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