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Funny Friday: Social Media Personalities

Social media is not only a great tool, but also a form of entertainment. Some use social media to creep, others to let everyone know how cool they are and still more love to use it as an outlet to broadcast their dissatisfaction with everything from brands to bad luck. A recent survey conducted by the online bank First Direct suggests there are various types of social media personalities people fall into. Take a look at these personality traits, and see if you can fit yourself, or someone you know, into these categories.

The Ultras: These people happily admit to their obsession with social media. They are constantly checking their social media sites dozens of times a day. Have you ever noticed that friend who has the Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr apps open almost to an obsession?  Then you have encountered an ultra.

The Dippers: Unlike the ultras, this group can go days or even weeks without checking/posting content. Dippers aren’t fully committed to the social media scene; they might even find social media annoying and only have Facebook to keep in touch with their extended family members.

The Lurkers: This group loves to observe the behaviors of others, but, let’s be honest here, we all have a little bit of “creeper” in us. Sometimes our inner nosy person comes out pushing us to want to know more information about something or someone. God forbid we are ever caught; this could lead to a cherry red tomato face full of embarrassment.

Beware: the Ultra-Lurkers can be a dangerous combination:



The Peacocks: This group craves attention and views everything on social media a popularity contest. I’m pretty sure we have all watched at least one of their “how to” videos on YouTube; these people crave shares and likes.

The Ranters: This group is highly opinionated online. Do you know people who constantly comment on Facebook statuses and putting their two cents into everything or love to put reviews on Yelp? They’re ranters. But don’t be fooled, ranters can be surprisingly shy in person, using social media as a way to express themselves within their comfort zone.

The Changelings: This group is constantly changing their identity; we never really know who they are. Changelings are the people we see on MTV’s Catfish. If this is you, I’m sure Nev would find you fascinating.

The Informers: This group wants to be the first to give the latest news. Informers know everything from the latest trends to the latest breaking news. “OMG did you know Kim Kardashian named her baby North?”

The Quizzers: This group wants to make you think, they want to engage in conversation and ask questions. Say they see you checked in at the newest restaurant in town. Quizzers will swarm you with questions: “how did you like that restaurant,” “was the food good, how about the service” and “I heard it’s super exclusive, is that true?”

Now that personalities have been identified, watch as marketers try and hone in on this knowledge; I’m guessing the ranters won’t be too pleased with the targeted campaigns on social media, the lurkers will hear about it from the informers while the dippers won’t notice at all and the ultras will be susceptible to more branding and advertising than, well, anyone, (even those Peacocks).

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Cover Photo Source: damianosullivan via Wikimedia Commons

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