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Funny Friday: The 1990s Revisited

TED Talk inspired me to explore life through the eyes of a three year old. After seeing today’s world through a younger perspective, I decided to look back at my ‘90s childhood and view media I was exposed to through an older lens. As it turns out, the ‘90s children programming is somewhat hilarious–somewhat not PC. Take a look at ten ridiculous things 1990s children were exposed to.

10. Bob Saget is NOT Danny Tanner

As an avid Full House fan, I grew up thinking Bob Saget was the perfect clean-freak, loving Danny Tanner. However, once I was old enough to really experience Bob Saget’s comedy, Danny Tanner’s image was forever tainted—turns out Danny is a little dirtier than I thought.


9. Why Mr. Wormwood Thought Matilda was Reading “Trash”

I always assumed that Mr. Wormwood scolded Matilda for reading during family TV dinner, never putting much thought into what she was reading: Moby Dick. Obviously, the used car salesman didn’t have a love for notable American literature as he immediately thought his daughter was reading “trash”—if only he knew Moby Dick  was about Ishmael going whaling.



8. Good Burger is Nowhere Near PC

In Good Burger, the Mondo Burger guys put Ed and Dexter in strait jackets and send them off to a mental institution called Demented Hills. Lovely Nickelodeon—totally acceptable for children to grow up thinking “demented” is an acceptable term to use. Let’s consider the target audience next time Nick, because this possibly wasn’t the best decision.


7. Dr. Lipschitz— The RugRats

Growing up, my parents loathed the fact that Rugrats was my favorite show. I had no clue why until recently when I re-watched some episodes. I never realized the name, Dr. Lipschitz (A.K.A. The Lipschitz), sounds absolutely awful. Check out “The Visit from Lipschitz” to see what I mean.


6.  Mario’s Shroom Dependency

Everyone knows that to beat Super Mario Brothers, you’re going to need to get Mario some magic mushrooms. Really, Nintendo? That’s a children’s game. The connection between Mario and mushrooms finally dawned on me at the age of 22. Drug dependency? Not super, Mario.



5. Rock-a-by-Baby

Here’s one everyone can appreciate (even people who were not adolescents in the ‘90s). But seriously, how did that baby get into a tree (cradle and all) and why do people insist on singing this to newborns? Sick. This “lullaby” is honestly the scariest song I’ve ever heard.


4.  Ladder Bedroom Entry

Entering rooms through doors was so ‘80s. When I was growing up, Joey, Sam and Zack all used ladders to access Dawson’s, Clarissa’s and Jessie’s rooms. I cannot imagine leaving my window open with a ladder propped up, giving anyone direct route to my room. With the exception of Dawson and Joey, the ladders were pretty innocent.



3. No Go Raciest Rangers

Power Rangers were the ­absolute coolest show for children in 1994. All the kids went as their favorite rangers for Halloween (except me, who went as Barney the Dinosaur). However, could the casting directors have been a little less racist? The Black ranger was African American, and the Yellow Ranger was Asian—nothing like embedding stereotypes into impressionable children.

2. President Clinton’s Impeachment

When President Bill Clinton was impeached, I was not yet 10. However, from the news to SNL and even the recess “let’s talk like we’re adults” banter, I couldn’t escape one phrase—“I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky.” Thanks to President Clinton, my mom had to field several, “what are ‘sexual relations’” questions. Oy vey– sorry, mom.


1. FBI Agent should be Arrested in Blank Check

Blank Check’s ending was always weird. My extreme dislike for this awkwardness is probably why I always recalled Shay, the FBI Agent, kissing Preston on the cheek. However, she actually kissed the boy smack-dab on the lips. Who really thought that was a good idea?

As Roger Ebert said in his review, “[Preston’s] relationship with a sexy FBI agent feels forced and awkward. It would have been more fun if he would have been trying to impress a girl his own age.”

So here’s my challenge– take a gander at your life from a child’s perspective and/or your childhood from an adult’s perspective and see if you make any interesting/funny/jaw-dropping observations. Don’t forget to share them with us!

Cover Photo Source: See-ming Lee via Flickr

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