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Funny Friday: The long road to an Oscar

Welcome to the Internet, where memes reign supreme. My personal favorite running meme chronicles Leonardo Dicaprio’s journey to win an Oscar. We’ve watched Leo grow as an actor and come to hone his talent and craft as he’s played several challenging, iconic roles. Despite his acclaimed performances throughout his career, Leo has been consistently denied award recognition; his recent Golden Globes win was the first globe he’s won since 2004. Leo had his fourth Oscar nomination yesterday, and the Internet is rooting for him to finally win one. This Funny Friday, let’s take look at the three most hilarious, iconic jokes made at Leo’s expense and travel down his long painful road to a (hopeful) Oscar win.


What if an actor who plays Leo wins an oscar?

Welcome to the year 2064, when a young actor debuts in a role portraying Leonardo Dicaprio and his struggle to academy recognition… and wins an Oscar for it.

This mosaic of Leo crying made out of still shots of Oscar winners.

This beautiful mosaic recreates a shot of Leo crying from his performance in Romeo + Juliet. Made up entirely of still shots of Oscar acceptances, this picture captures the current source of sadness and frustration for Leo and his fans.

Leo’s internal monologue every time someone else wins an award.

It’s got to be hard to be happy for the people who win awards over you. I know that when I was passed over for a blue ribbon in the science fair, it was hard to be happy for my classmates who won. I could only imagine if my entire reaction was filmed, especially when the investment of time and talent was more than a baking soda volcano. This picture set shows almost frame-by-frame the stiff-lipped stoicism Leo puts on.


Don’t worry, Leo. We believe in you! 2014 may just be the year you add a gold Oscar statuette to your shelf of awards, old sport. If you want to see a collection of the best Leo/Oscar jokes the Internet has to offer, check out this tumblr blog!


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