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Funny Friday: YouTube’s Comedy Week

When was the last time you saw a viral video that really made you laugh? I’m not talking about the forced “haha” coupled with the fake plastic Barbie smile smeared across your face. I’m talking about the genuine forming, abdominal working, obnoxious sounding noise that fills a room. This week, YouTube is hosting their first ever Comedy Week. The revolutionary video sharing site has posted hundreds of videos tailored specifically for this event. From live streams to featured playlists, the spots star big name comedians such as Michael Cera, Seth Rogen and Sara Silverman as well as YouTube-made celebrities like PSY (seriously, without YouTube, would you know who he was?) and The Gregory Brothers (duh, winning).

With these humorous videos invading YouTube, you’re sure to come across one that suits your comedic niche. Take a look at these five hilarious videos unveiled this week. Don’t forget to share your favorite Comedy Week videos with us in the comments.


Internet Stalker



Admit it– you’ve creeped a special someone’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. What if all that creeping led to true love? Now that’s fate.


Facebook Focus Group: Where Facebook gets its Ideas



After watching this video, I feel so relieved that Facebook has access to all my personal information. I mean what if I have amnesia one day and need my profile to jog my memory? I trust them as the owners of all my user posted content. I mean, my posts are totally fair game (or fair use, I should say). Also, all of those Facebook event invites make me feel so good about myself. Can you say popular?


Talking Twin Babies



Having a bad day? Watch these two cuties “talk” to one another. I admit I am a bit jealous of never being taught their language, seems like I’m missing out on a great conversation. Subtitles anyone? The only thing I can infer, is “Dude, where’s your sock?” But, that’s just conjecture.


The History of YouTube by the Gregory Brothers



Do you remember life before YouTube and viral amateur videos? I like to call that the dark ages. To celebrate YouTube’s 8th birthday, the Gregory Brothers take us through the evolution of video content. YouTube brought us into the age of enlightenment, and now we can all fight like Ninjas, hear how goats scream and arch our eyebrows to the perfect angle. Life is complete!


Quitting a Job with Style



There’s no reason you can’t put a little swagger into your retirement. If you want to go out in style, take a few notes. He gone.

Cover Photo Source: jm3 via Flickr

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