Funny Starbucks Fails Friday

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear Starbucks. Happy birthday to you!

One of America’s most beloved brands turned 43 this week. Although the Aussies might not be too fond of the brand, America can’t help but love them, even if they have their faults…. and faults they certainly have. So for today’s Funny Friday, we’re featuring some of the most hilarious Starbucks fails. Enjoy it like a Grande Soy Caramel Macchiato with whip.


Ellen and the 80,000 kinds of Starbucks



Ellen hints at several Starbucks flaws in this clip; however, the biggest is that there are just too many options. I sometimes get annoyed when my (highly) customized drink doesn’t come out perfectly every time, but now that I know that the baristas have to be able to prepare 80,000 different kinds of beverages, I’ll be cutting them more slack.


That’s not my name

Have a complicated name? Good luck ever getting it spelled right at Starbucks. Have a basic name? Someone, somewhere will probably screw it up eventually, and the error will make its way onto Instagram or Twitter.



Starbucks Code

The great thing about Starbucks is feeling like you are a part of an exclusive club by the mere fact that you can properly order a beverage. But it’s super embarrassing when you order incorrectly, but hey, it’s tricky. Just take a look at how fancy (some would say complicated) their sizes are: Short: Kids size Tall: Small Grande: Medium Venti: Large Trenta: Extra large Yes, shorts and trentas are real. Tom Hank’s character in You’ve Got Mail, Joe Fox, had a pretty interesting theory about why people venture Starbucks, (even though I respectfully disagree with him).


Dumb Starbucks



A nonprofit, parody art project serving up free coffee while using the Starbucks name totally gave the actual Starbucks a headache earlier this year, and the entire thing was pretty funny. At least everybody learned a thing or two about intellectual property.


The occasional barista who makes it awkward

One of the great parts of being a Starbucks regular is that you come into a familiar, welcoming environment every day (cue the Cheers theme). However, sometimes the baristas can make it awkward, and you end up having to go to that Starbucks around the corner for a couple days in order to avoid the tension.

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