#FunnyFriday Hashtags

Hashtags—love them or hate them, they’re a part of the English language (well, really any language on Facebook and Twitter), and they don’t seem to be going away. Sometimes hashtags can be down-right hilarious (and sometimes they’re depressing, but we shan’t speak of those), other times how we use them is pretty hilarious. So, in honor of Social Media Week, we’ll focus on hashtags, social media and the English language for today’s Funny Friday.

For the hashtag-haters, keep in mind that we speak a living language—and adding new words and uses and meanings has its own sort of beauty and charm (I believe that’s something we call liberation). However, as I hold a degree in English, I should argue that while we grow our language, we should respect its foundation (most basically, spelling and grammar).

These days, people seem to continually dumb-down language to the point that spelling and grammar rules hold little value (at least in the world of social media). Just this week, Dancing with the Stars posted a viewer’s grammatically incorrect and misspelled Facebook message onscreen during the live show. That #DrivesMeNuts (but maybe I’m just being a snarky English major). We as a society so casually connect with others in real time via the written word that we don’t bother to proof (which leads to errors).

Now, I love social media, but not the hashtag filled, grammatical messes that make their way into posts and updates. We can use hashtags a little sparingly and proof 140-character tweets, right?

Luckily my favorite comedian and one of his favorite buddies showed the world how Twitter conversations actually sound spoken aloud in this hilarious video:



#Funny #ILoveJimmy #LateNight #ThankYou #YES

So, if you want to #SaveEnglish, remember to look over that 140 character masterpiece before pressing “Tweet.” And, don’t forget to put some words between those hashtags. #truth

Cover Photo Source: Josh Lowensohn via Flickr

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