Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style Soars Past Baby

And PSY’s got Justin saying, “Baby, baby, baby NO!”

That’s right, try as they might, the Biebs and his loyal Blieber followers couldn’t keep the young star at the top of YouTube’s most watched video list.

In the midst of the Holiday weekend, the Korean rap artist over threw Bieber’s Baby video reign when Gangnam Style reached 8.5 million views. YouTube’s Baby era began in July of 2010, when the video dominated YouTube channels surpassing Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance, which previously held the title.



Added to YouTube in July of this year, Gangnam style has become an international phenomenon. In months, PSY’s official video has garnered over 826,061,391 views (and counting). The video receives 7 to 10 million hits per day while Baby gets between 350 to 500 thousand hits per day (to be fair to the teen pop sensation, he has released a number of singles as well as albums since My World 2.0′s Baby). With the numbers increasing at such as rapid pace, Baby will doubtfully regain its reign.

So not swaggy.

While the top demographics for PSY’s video aren’t surprising– 13-17 year old females, 13-17 year old males, and 18-24 year old females make up the top three demographics according to YouTube’s video statistics– the same can’t be said of Baby’s. The 13-17 year old males and females that make up two of Bieber’s video top viewer demographics appear normal, but the third (35-44 year old males) seems a little out of place. Perhaps Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun and famed mentor, Usher are viewing the video multiple times a day, and thus inflating the statistics… because it’s hard to find another rational answer for why grown men want to listen to a prepubescent boy singing about being dumped.

Either way, Gangnam style is here to stay—no matter how many Bieber fans are crying out “No!”



Cover Photo: Carlos Almendarez via Flickr

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