Pope 2013

Hello Goodbye

This weekend’s headlines heated up with shocking hellos and goodbyes.

Last night, Justin Timberlake returned to the Grammy Stage, fully clad in suit and (bow) tie for one of the most memorable performances of the night. In addition to singing his new single, “Suit and Tie” with Jay-Z last night, Timberlake unveiled a new song, “Mirrors,” on YouTube this morning. Timberlake’s expected to blaze new musical trails with his fresh sounds, and the standing ovation Timberlake has received from the biggest names in music says one thing: music world, be prepared because JT is back and possibly better than ever.

While music fans were elated with Timberlake’s comeback performance, the world was stunned today as Pope Benedict XV announced his resignation effective February 28. The pope’s resignation is unique– he’s the only pontiff to resign in the past 600 years, the AP notes. At 85, Pope Benedict said he’s “too infirm” and will, therefore, leave his position as the head of the Catholic Church. The Vatican is expected to elect a new pope by mid-march.

What do you think about the Justin’s comeback and/or the Pope’s bombshell?

 Photo source: Catholic Church England and Wales via Flickr

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