Hurricane Sandy

If You Thought Snooki Hit Seaside Hard, Just Wait for Sandy

A storm is brewing at the Jersey Shore, and this time, Mike “The Situation” isn’t at the epicenter. Hurricane Sandy, which forecasters are predicting to be one of the largest storms (if not the largest) to hit the American mainland, will strike the East Coast later today. With nine states currently in a state of emergency, Sandy will affect more than 50 million Americans, and Wall Street is already feeling the impact. The Wall Street Journal reported a “stock futures slump” this morning, as investors prepare for Sandy’s devastation. The hurricane closed trading today—apparently Sandy’s Occupying Wall Street. Wall Street has not closed for a weather-related event since September 27, 1985, reports Reuters Online.

This category 1 hurricane claimed the lives of 66 people when the storm hit the Caribbean last week. Sandy’s surge is predicted to flood New Jersey’s coastline under 10 to 12 feet of water. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) urged residents to evacuate their homes and head for higher, safer ground; New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I) ordered evacuations of Coney Island and Lower Manhattan as well as shut down the city’s subway system. Forecasters expect Sandy will spawn flash-floods, snow storms and power outages along the Eastern Seaboard, according to CNN. While this storm is no joke, (like Snooki) we’re all wondering, “Where’s the Beach?”

Follow the Weather Channel’s live updates and analysis.

Cover Photo Source: National Environmental Visualization Laboratory via Wikimedia Commons

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