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Wednesdays with Will: Is IOS 7 the Bee’s Knees or the Bane of my Existence

My dear Our Space friends, welcome back to another thought provoking Wednesdays with Will. I am actually in the building this Wednesday and not helping the world’s little old ladies cross the street. Anyways this week’s WwW we are talking about this new iOS 7: the pros, cons and everything in between.



  • Our Space iOS 7 Photo OrganizationMore interactive phone system
  • Colorful and dynamic presentation
  • Automatic photo date organization

The iOS 7 update brings a streamlined presentation and finish to the iPhone that we have not seen from Apple before. Larger, more colorful icons and a more movement-orientated click system bring an excitement to a system thats motto has been simplicity and user-friendly. A pleasant surprise in the photos app is the new organization that automatically arranges photos by dates and locations.



  • System no longer user-friendly
  • Messaging system difficult to look at
  • Current system bugs destroy experience

Our Space iMessageAs stated before, Apple’s motto for much of its time was that of simplicity and being user-friendly. Now, iOS 7 completely turns that on its head with a more Android approach to the phone’s software. Only a few weeks since the iOS 7 release, many of the bugs including the iMessage failures have made this update more of a burden than an improvement. I will admit first hand that I’m not fond of the cartoon-like big icons and the iMessage screen bright colors (yes, I know I can dim my screen). My biggest problem with iOS 7 is using my music and uploading from my computer. Though it is now convenient to have all your music on the iPhone, and you only need to download it from the cloud, but if you are old school and like to upload from your computer, it’s like a baby solving a Rubik’s Cube. Music not bought from iTunes becomes almost impossible to upload directly from a computer to an iPhone without the iCloud. Maybe I’m doing something wrong after almost a decade of iPod, iPhone and iPad uploading, but the new system has dropped the ball on user friendly.


All and all, I am personally not a fan of iOS 7. Maybe once the initial bugs are solved and some time has gone by, it will become second nature, but I, for one, do not ever remember an update causing this much trouble. Let me know what your opinion of iOS 7 is and if it’s the same as my take or a more positive outlook.

Cover Photo Source: Neon Tommy/Alex Spencer via Flickr
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