It Takes More Than Two to Tango Bullying

For our Two for Tuesday, we’re posting two advertisements that challenge our perspective of bullying and stereotyping.

Just as cancer affects almost everyone in some way, everyone is impacted by bullying—even Justin Bieber has something to say about it. Our constitution tells us we all have the right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness; however, bullying (an all too common and too accepted social practice) continually stands in the way of our inalienable rights. In many ways, bullying is the civil rights movement of the modern age.

Check out how bulling impacts the characters in this PSA: 



Amanda Todd, a Canadian teenager who recently committed suicide because she was tormented by her peers online , has sent this issue surging once again. But epiphanies don’t solely have to result from tragedies—standing up against bullying doesn’t have to be an afterthought. Finding a place to start isn’t so hard: we must first accept people, rather than put them down.

While people accuse the advertising industry of enforcing stereotypes (which often leads to bullying), this powerful ad highlights stereotyping and seeks to change our perspectives rather than enforce them:


Like Nike says, find your greatness; and, like we say, respect others’ greatnesses.

Cover Photo Source: Daniele Zanni via Flickr

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